Unique yet “Traditional” Housewarming Gift Idea

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Last year my cousins moved into their first home as newly weds and I wanted to give them a housewarming gift that was cute, different, and practical all at the same time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did give them a nice gift card too – I mean who doesn’t love gift cards? But, for our first time going over to their new home, I wanted to have something eye-catching in hand.

Little back story — When I was younger, I helped out my mom a lot with her gift basket company. So now, whenever I think of special occasion or congratulatory gifts, I tend to lean towards a gift basket type idea. I think they are just such a perfect “special occasion” gift – something out of the ordinary.

I knew there already was the idea out there of “traditional” housewarming gifts and reasons as to why you give them. Example: SUGAR – “may your life always have sweetness.”

So I decided to research. I found a great idea on Pinterest from Cathy Ransom

There were a bunch of similar ideas, but I liked the items she chose and the look of her sign.

I decided to base my idea off of hers, and make my own version. I bought items according to the sign and made my own sign (similar to the look of hers) to go on the front of the basket I was going to make.

housewarming gift ideaSo, as the sign suggests – I went and bought all those items to put in the basket.

I went to Target, (always a great one stop shop) to grab everything I needed for the bulk of the gift – including the basket and basket liner. They always have such a cute selection of baskets and containers.

I also, found a cute little wooden “G” at Target too, which I liked as an added little flair. “G” is their last name initial, so I found it fitting for their basket.

Another stop I did make though, which I always seem to do, is the Dollar Tree. Why? Because you can always find awesome little fillers for gifts such as this! You will come to learn throughout my blog posts I LOVE the Dollar Store.

At the Dollar Tree I found really nice beige microfiber kitchen towels that I added to the basket – I used a couple as the decorative base in the basket and wrapped one around the bread to give it a cute effect. I also found a green leaf vine there, which gave the basket as a whole that “finishing touch.”

Also, if you didn’t know, you can get packing paper and cello wrap at the Dollar Store – which I frequently purchase. Both can be found in the wrapping paper section and are in wrapping paper rolls.

I bought some for this project as well and cut up sheets of the packing paper to crumple and put at the bottom of the basket to make sure all the product I bought sat closer to the top and didn’t sink so much into the basket. I then used the awesome kitchen towels I found as my decorative base, like I said earlier. They came in handy to cover the ugly crumpled packing paper at the bottom, and I let the edges of the towels hang over the sides of the basket so they could see the towels in the basket just by looking at it.

Now as for the cello wrap – I didn’t use it for this particular basket because having loosely wrapped food products, like the bread, and scented items, like the candle, together in a wrapped container can sometimes cause the food to taste perfume-y. Yuck! No one wants that!

After placing all the goodies I had bought in the basket I then attached the sign to the basket. I used these cute little ‘key’ paper fasteners I had to attach the sign to the basket. Now, I always have cute little pins and fasteners on hand that I can look through to possibly use because I scrapbook – and have a PLETHORA of paper crafting items! But, if you are not a scrapbooker, like myself, using a hole punch in the paper and tying ribbon (you can get from the Dollar Store! 😉 ) through the basket would work just fine and be just as cute! Now, if you decide you do want to spend the money on decorative fasteners, you can always go to your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or JoAnn Fabrics. **Make sure you pull up a 40% off coupon though on their website before purchasing; crafting materials can be crazy expensive!

housewarming gift idea

Hopefully this housewarming gift idea came in handy for you to use!

Happy Gifting!

xO, Kayla

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