Stunning Christmas Tablescape on a Budget

centerpiece on a budget

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full swing right now. It’s the week before Christmas, and people are frantically trying to get any last minute things taken care of. Shopping for gifts, wrapping presents, cleaning, and decorating if guests will be celebrating the holiday at their home, are just a few of the main things on someone’s checklist during Christmastime. It can be super hectic, and very EXPENSIVE, especially if you’re the lucky one hosting Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I know the exact expenses, because I’ve never hosted Christmas, yet, at my home. I’ve only been a homeowner for 3 years now, but I’ve hosted my fare share of big parties – and let me tell you – THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. Between food and alcohol, your budget is usually about tapped out.

Christmas is a huge holiday where you usually have family and friends over that you haven’t seen in a while, in turn, making your guest list a mile long. With a large guest list, comes and even bigger food and alcohol list, which makes it an even bigger financial commitment! Also, with hosting a huge holiday like Christmas, you sometimes have all the different food traditions you need to make, and not just make, but shop and buy for it as well. On top of that, you probably have a solid amount of people on your list you need to purchase gifts for too. As many of you know first hand, this time of year sometimes doesn’t seem like “the most wonderful time,” but yet “the most stressful time” of year.

With all of that stress and chaos going on, for many, the last thing on the forefront of their mind is decorations. When you have all of the things I listed above going on, it’s usually a last minute thought.

While it may be a last minute thought, no one said you were glad it was.

Remembering that you want your house to look nice and festive a few days before the big day usually leaves you stressed out and frantically trying to make your home look festive and beautiful with the short amount of time (AND MONEY) you have left.

Decorating your dining room tablescape this holiday season doesn’t have to be such a burden in both time AND cost. It can still look beautiful and elegant on a budget, and thankfully, a one stop shop; the Dollar Tree.

I not only decorated the table, but also, set up my (6 seat) dining room table with plates, wine glasses, silverware, and napkins, for under $40.

tablescape on a budget

List of what I purchased for My Christmas Tablescape on a Budget:
  • 6 white plates – $6
  • 1 pack of silver rimmed salad plates – $1
  • 2 packs on silverware $2
  • 2 table runners – $2 (1 for the center, 1 to cut into napkins)
  • 6 wine glasses -$6
  • 3 packs of 2 jingle bell ornaments – $3 (used for napkin holders)
  • 1 twig wreath – $1 (broke this up to spread on table runner and on plates)
  • 1 pack of snowflake ornaments – $1 (tied these around the wine glasses)
  • 3 big silver ornaments – $3
  • 1 pack of silver glitter pinecones – $1
  • 1 sleeve of medium silver ornaments – $1
  • 1 sleeve of mini silver ornaments – $1
  • 2 silver gift boxes – $2
  • 6 tea light glasses vases – $6
  • 1 pack of tea light candles – $1
  • 8 regular pinecones – FREE (got them from outside)

All for a grand total of $37.00! Now that’s a price I don’t think you can beat! Especially for a beautiful dining room tablescape that’s ready, place settings and all, for family and friends to dine at.

tablescape on a budget

table setting on a budget

Hopefully, this idea and seeing how nice it can look (for so cheap) has helped ease some of that financial holiday burden for you!

Now – back to that hustle and bustle, your dining room table isn’t going to decorate itself! 😉

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xO, Kayla

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