“Love You” Mason Jar & Flower Caddy

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This DIY decoration was not only inexpensive, but easy to make, AND it can be used for Valentine’s Day, Spring, and Summer Décor.

Below is a picture of the items I usedmason jar DIY

The wooden caddy I found a while back in the Fall clearance at Hobby Lobby. Also in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby I found the metal “Love You” plaque for 37 cents! The mason jars I found on sale somewhere, but you can get them really anywhere. Hobby Lobby and Michaels have them, and you can always use a 40% coupon. The jute twine, flower bundle, and the sanding sponge are from Dollar Tree. The chalk paint and chip brush you can also buy from Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and at either store you can use their 40% coupon!

I started off by first removing the lids of the mason jars and then painting the jars with the chip brush. The brand I used was Deco Art and the color is called Everlasting. Just lightly dip the brush into the paint jar, a little goes a VERY long way. I went quickly brushing back and forth, as I wanted a haphazard and distressed look to the jars.

Once the paint was dry, I VERY LIGHTLY rubbed the sanding sponge around the wording on the jar, around the rim, and in random spots around the jar. Start off slow, because it’s always easier to distress more than it is to go back and repaint over areas.mason jar painting

You can either put the silver band of the cap back on the mason jar or leave it off. Then wrap the jute twine around the top and tie a bow.jute twine on mason jar

As you can see in the picture below, I just placed the bundle of flowers inside the mason jar and this makes for a great decoration all on its own!DIY Mason Jar Vase

But, I painted two jars and placed them in the wooden caddy I purchased. I took the little metal “Love You” plaque and put it on the center of the wooden caddy. Then placed the bundle of flowers along the side. And Wala!mason jar caddy

Beautiful & Simple Décor – great for Valentine’s Day, Spring, and Summer!

xO, Kayla

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