Inspiration for Winter Decoration

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Every year after New Year’s a big question everyone has is, how to decorate between now and Valentine’s Day? In the past I have usually just taken all red, Santa, or Christmas quoted décor down and left all my neutral silver Christmas décor up. However, the past two years, my family room (where I spend most of my time when I’m home) has been all silver, all Christmas long. So this year, I decided to change up my winter décor a bit, and share my winter decoration ideas with you!

I wanted to do a rustic forest feel for my winter mantel – using distressed wood pieces, pine tree, pinecones, twine and/or burlap, and galvanized metal.

Center of the Mantel


I found the main centerpiece of my mantel decor on sale at Kohl’s. It’s a photo board, made of chicken wire and a chippy, distressed frame. Needless to say, I feel in love. But for this particular décor set up I didn’t use it as a photo board – I used it as a backdrop to my mantel, and a place I could hang my wreath on.


I made the wreath myself by purchasing a 14″ grapevine wreath and pine garland. To make the wreath, cut the garland up in pieces and then attach the pieces to the grapevine wreath.  The remaining pieces of garland I used to lay along the bottom of the mantle. Using jute rope, that I purchased from Hobby Lobby as well, I hung the wreath on the photo board.

Stack of Books

Using old or faux books as décor is one of my favorite things! I went to Half Priced Books and in the clearance section bought a few hardcover books. I made sure the colors under the paper covering were colors I wanted to work with. Once I got home I threw away the paper coverings, stacked them up, placed a pine leaf on top, and tied them together with jute rope.

stacked book decor

winter decor stacked books

Left Side of the Mantel

Galvanized Metal Vase

I absolutely love this vase! I actually bought it a few years back, at atHome, and I am constantly using it. It’s perfect height, at about 2ft, I can use it on top of my mantel or on the hearth. As you can see for this setup I used it on the mantel. This vase was already tied with jute rope toward the bottom, which gave me the idea to incorporate the jute rope else where on the mantel, instead of twine or burlap, so it would all tie in perfectly together.

galvanized metal vase

Whitewashed Wood Pallet Letter Wall Decor

I always love incorporating my last initial in my decorating. (it’s kinda my thing 💁🏻) So when I saw this chippy distressed “B” sign that matched the color scheme I was going for – I knew I had to have it. I placed it in front of the galvanized metal vase slightly askew, in order to see the whole length of at least half of the vase.

Galvanized Metal & Glass Pale

I found this cute little pale on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and snatched that baby right up! Here is a similar looking pale. I filled it with left over pine garland and pinecones, and wrapped the top with jute rope! A perfect little accent piece!

Right side of the Mantel

Round Galvanized Metal Serving Tray

I found this serving try at HomeGoods. I placed it cock-eyed not only to be able to see one of the nice handles toward the top, but the other handle is securing it in place at the bottom. After I take this mantel display down this piece will serve as beautiful décor elsewhere or as a serving tray (like intended). I love finding decorative pieces that have multiple purposes. 

serving tray as decor

Antique White Distressed Wood Candle Holders

The more and more I look at these candle holders the more I love them! They tied in perfectly with my scheme and I personally think they are just beautiful. I bought the 14″ and the 12″ and placed them staggered from one another in front of the tray. On top of each of them I placed a cream-colored pillar candle (which I had in the house, but you can buy them just about anywhere) that I wrapped with jute rope.


I hope some of these items and/or ideas came in handy for your own Winter Decoration!

winter mantle decor

Until next time –

xO, Kayla

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    Love this look! And you do a great job showing how to recreate it!! Great job!!

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    It is that tone-on-tone of grey metal on grey stone that I like so much. I am sure your touches set them off, but they are such a palate cleanser between holidays.

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    I love the look of this decor! I enjoy the woodsy feeling. I like how you wrapped the books with jute rope. Beautiful ideas! 🙂

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    I love the decorations you have for the winter! The fireplace mantel is beautiful!

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    Wow. It’s so pretty! Our mantel could definitely use some work so this is great inspiration!

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