Fun Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Enjoy (Plus Free Printables)

Fun Baby Shower Games

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Last month, I had my baby shower, and it was absolutely wonderful! Great people, good food, and fun baby shower games – what else do you need? (oh, yeah awesome decorations!😉) haha

I had eight baby shower games that guests could play. I felt eight was a perfect number. Plus, I honestly did get feedback from some of my family and friends, that they not only loved the games, but the amount of games as well. I mean don’t get me wrong, you can always do less, or add more, but I feel eight was just the right amount.

I’ve compiled a complete list of the fun baby shower games we played, how to play them, and pictures of the free printables you’ll receive if you enter your email address at the end of this post. ☺️ 

Diaper Raffle

A diaper raffle at a baby shower is a must! It helps out so much because you receive lots and lots of much needed diapers! (I’m not quite a mommy yet, but all I’ve ever heard is “you go through diapers fast!” – and not to mention they’re expensive!) On your invitation just make sure to let guests know to bring a pack of diapers to be entered into the raffle. You can use a cute saying such as “Bring a pack of diapers, any size, for your chance to win a prize.” (That’s the one I used) Make sure to have a pen & jar available for guests to write their name on entry forms and then somewhere for them to put their entry forms once they’re done filling them out. I used an oversized mason jar at my shower. I think it’s super cute, and it went along with my “fall” theme AND I can use it as future decoration around my house! Serves many purposes!

Fun Baby Shower Diaper Raffle GameDiaper Raffle Name Tickets

*This sign is an 8×10 – it has the lines for cutting once it’s printed.

Guess the Tummy Size of the Mommy-to-Be

This was a really fun baby shower game, and it definitely gave me quite a laugh looking at the sizes of some of the yarn and how either HUGE or tiny people thought I was. To play you need to have a bundle of yarn, (I used baby blue yarn) a pair of scissors, and a place for the entry forms to go. I used a cute farm style basket that I thought tied in not only my theme but the yarn (I’m a dork, I know) Before anyone arrives, or after everyone has entered their guesses, measure out the mommy-to-be’s tummy with the yarn and cut it exactly to size. This will be the piece of yarn you will measure every one’s guesses against to find the one who has the closest size and determine a winner!

Guess the Tummy Size Baby Shower Game

Tummy Size Baby Shower Game Entry Form

*This sign is an 8×10 – it has the lines for cutting once it’s printed.

Guess How Many Kisses

This is a staple at any shower. You guess the number of candies in a jar and the closest person to guess without going over the correct amount in the jar wins! You can use any type of candy you’d like but I like the way “Kisses” sound AND who doesn’t love chocolate! (I’m a chocoholic) You can also get bags of kisses that are wrapped in all the same color tinfoil. For mine, I chose to have baby blue and white wrapped kisses – and for an added challenge I added baby blue tinfoil wrapped Reeses’s (But guests were to only guess the kisses). A lot of time people use the big plastic baby bottle bank that you see everywhere to fill with the candies, but I chose to use another oversized mason jar – this way, when someone wins the jar of candy they also get a nice piece of decoration for their home and not a plastic bottle that will more than likely end up in the trash (let’s be honest).

Baby Shower How Many Kisses Games

*This sign is an 8×10 – it has the lines for cutting once it’s printed.

Poopy Diaper Game

This one is by far my favorite of the eight fun baby shower games! Basically you melt 6 different chocolate bars into 6 separate diapers and the guests have to smell the mess inside the diaper to guess what chocolate bar they think it is. Guests have so much fun with this one because melted chocolate definitely can look like something else… and it triggers lots of laughs and fun! In order to play the game you will need a tray to put all the diapers on, (I bought one on clearance at Hobby Lobby and then gave it away as the prize for the winner!) 6 newborn baby diapers, and 6 different chocolate bars (I used Snickers, Reese’s, 3 Musketeers, Twix, 100 Grand, and Baby Ruth) You can collect the forms from each guest or get another container (or oversized mason jar 😉) for entry forms to be placed.

Poopy Diapers Fun Baby Shower Games

*This sign is an 8×10 – it has the lines for cutting once it’s printed. The numbers are about 2 -2 ½ inches tall, so they fit nicely pinned on the Newborn Diapers.

Shh…Don’t Say Baby

I feel like this game you either love it or you hate it. But for those who love it, it’s a super fun game that’s easy to play and easy to set up! All you need to play this game is a bunch of mini clothespins, so each guest gets one when they arrive. While the shower is going on, if a guest hears another guest say the word, “baby” they get to take their clothespin. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the shower, or whenever you decided the game is over, wins! It’s that simple. And a lot of guests really get into it, so it makes it fun!  

*This sign is an 8×10 – it has the lines for cutting once it’s printed.

“My Water Broke”

This game is seriously too funny, I love it! We played it in between everyone’s soup and meal. Each table was given a tray with the “free printable sign,” and a bowl full of ice cubes with little babies in them. To play: each guest must grab an ice cube. The first guest whose ice cube melts completely and the baby is free must yell “My Water Broke!” and they win a prize! Super cute, and super fun! So what you need are ice cube trays, bowls to put the ice cubes in, (I just used the restaurants) and tiny babies to put in each ice cube before freezing the water. 

*These signs are 4×6 – it has the lines for cutting once it’s printed.

Who Got the Sticker?

There’s no real effort that goes into this one, the guest who wins, well, it’s just their lucky day! Before guests arrived, at each table we picked a lucky seat, and placed a sticker under their favor. Whoever ended up sitting there, and had the sticker under their favor, won! …And they won a pretty awesome centerpiece (if I do say so myself☺️) Click here if you’d like to not only see the centerpiece, but how to make it!

* I suggest printing this on label paper so they are like actual stickers! Otherwise you can just print them on regular paper and put double side tape under each one.

Baby Shower Scratch Lotto

Now, these I did not make, unfortunately, so they are not in the printable pack. But, if you click the image below it will link you to where you can purchase them, and they are pretty affordable. Before guests arrived, we placed a lotto ticket by each seat. Anyone who scratched their ticket, and it said they were a winner, won!

A Little Bonus Gift for You!

Well, that’s all the games, BUT also available in the free printable pack is “Advice for the Parents-to-Be” forms and the Table Numbers (1-8) that I used at my shower.

Before guests arrived, I placed an “Advice for the NEW Parents” form at each seat. Having the form already at their seat allowed for guests to leisurely fill it out while they chit-chatted and/or ate. This was something that I thought was a cute touch and that I selfishly wanted to have, but it turned out our guests loved it, and got really into! When they were handing them in, I had comments out the wazoo of, “I want to know who had the best advice!” Hahah! I love when people have fun with it – makes for such a great time. Also, not to mention, my husband and I loved reading through these after the shower that night. (And there was actual great advice in them!)

As for the table numbers, there are 8, and they are 4×6 when you cut them out (there are lines to cut along)

I put all my Table Numbers and Game Signs, in clear plastic frames that I purchased for super cheap. Although, you can obviously use any frames you like!

If you’d like decoration and favor ideas for your own fall themed baby shower, to compliment the designs on the games, check out my post “My Fall Themed Baby Shower

In order to receive this “Complete Baby Shower Pack” fill out the form at the bottom of this post with your First Name and E-mail Address so I know where to send them!

 ** All the images on the printables came from Monika at The Dancing Wick Candle Company – The images match the images that were on my candle favors I bought from her. I highly recommend, and suggest looking at her Etsy site for favors! Her candles are super cute and smell amazing! **

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I hope you enjoy the free printable pack! And if you end up using them at your own shower, please share some photos with me on my Facebook Page or Instagram @kaylabcollection. I’d LOVE to see!

Until next time –

xO, Kayla

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