DIY Rustic Barnwood Book Ends

When designing my baby’s nursery I really had it in my head that I wanted letter bookends. I searched for some, but all the ones I could find only had letters “A” and “Z.” I wanted “A” and “B” for my son’s initials. No such luck, and if and when I did find them, they were always a little too pricey for me. So I decided to make my own! I wanted to make them a distressed barnwood look, like the rest of his furniture. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how I made my very own DIY rustic barnwood book ends. Continue reading “DIY Rustic Barnwood Book Ends”

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Basic Style Baby Boy Nursery

I had so much fun designing our basic style baby boy nursery from scratch, and I’m so excited to be able to share with you! I know first hand, just how overwhelming deciding how to decorate your baby nursery can sometimes be. When you’re expecting, you have a million other things you are focusing on, so sometimes decorating a nursery goes on the back burner; even though you may wish you had more time to make it absolutely perfect. So if you like what you see, look no further. In this post you will read about the entire process of designing this basic style baby boy nursery. From deciding a theme, to paint colors, a link to my step-by-step tutorial for the accent wall, and links to all our furniture and décor, nothing will be left out! Continue reading “Basic Style Baby Boy Nursery”

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Board & Batten Accent Wall Tutorial

When deciding I wanted an accent wall in my baby’s room I searched for quite some time on exactly what kind of accent wall I wanted. I’ve always been a huge fan of board and batten, but I always associated it with a more sophisticated room theme. The more and more I looked at different board and battens my perception started to switch from sophisticated, to perfect for a baby room! The wood squares started to give me a feel of a wooden building block set. Which, what could be more perfect for a baby boy room than the feel of wooden building blocks?! It was perfect. Learn how we made our board and batten accent wall in this step-by-step tutorial. Continue reading “Board & Batten Accent Wall Tutorial”

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Cute & Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Decor

Decorating your house for smaller holidays, like Valentine’s Day, doesn’t need to be expensive! You can find a lot of cute and inexpensive Valentine’s Day décor and do a lot with it! You can even use certain pieces interchangeably with different seasons or holidays. In this post you will get ideas for inexpensive decor and see how you can use some of the decor for spring and summer decoration as well! Continue reading “Cute & Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Decor”

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Small Adorable DIY Heart Topiaries

These small adorable DIY heart topiaries were inexpensive and very easy to make.

Here is a picture of the items you will need.items for valentines diy

I got the dry floral foam, pots, jute twine, and spanish moss all at the Dollar Tree.

The chip brush, chalk paint, and foam hearts are from Michaels.

The wooden skewers I just had in the house because I use them for cooking kabobs. But you can find them at any local grocery story for pretty cheap!

The first step is to paint the pots white. Just lightly dip the brush into the paint jar and slop on the paint. I went very fast and didn’t care too much about being perfect with it because I wanted them to look more rugged and distressed. A little goes a VERY long way with chalk paint! So don’t start off with too much, remember, you can always add more.DIY chalk paint

Next, you will want to cut the dry floral foam into two smaller pieces to fit into the pots. You can cut the foam using any knife; I used a plastic one, and it worked just fine!cutting dry floral foam

You won’t just be placing these foam pieces into the pots. Pressing, pushing, and smushing the foam into the pots is what you will need to do, in order to get it in. So don’t shy!dry floral foam in pots

Once the foam is in you can add the spanish moss on top. Again, don’t be shy, smush the moss right in there! Be sure to fill in the gaps too.spanish moss in pots

If you want the wooden skewers to be white like the pot (like I did). Put a tiny bit of chalk paint on your fingers and rub and twirl the skewers around until they are lightly covered with the white chalk paint.

Lay out on the counter the pattern of the hearts that you want. For the pink hearts I used three that were all the same size. But for the red hearts, I used three different sizes. I laid them out starting from smallest to biggest. This just helps get an idea of how you want your topiary to look once it’s completed.

Next, you will need to slowly push the pointed part of your wooden skewer into the foam heart you want closest to the bottom. Be sure to go slow, and push the skewer in as straight as possible so it stays in the center of the heart.foam hearts on skewers

Once you have pushed the skewer threw all the foam hearts you can move them around on the skewer so they are spaced to your liking. Then push the bottom part of the skewer into the center of the pot into the floral heart topiary red heart topiary







Once you’ve completed that, you can add the jute twine around the pot. I circled around the pot 4 times and then tied a bow in the front.adorable DIY heart topiaries

TaDa! There you have it! Small, adorable, DIY heart topiaries, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

xO, Kayla

Items from Michaels:

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Cute DIY Candy Heart Doily Vases

These cute DIY candy heart doily vases only cost $6. Perfect, inexpensive, DIY Valentine’s Day Decor. Everything was purchased from Dollar Tree. Two bags of heart shaped candies, two different sized vases, a pack of 2 doilies, and jute twine.cute DIY valentines decor

First start by cutting up the doily. I made sure to cut on areas where the pattern was distinct (refer to the picture below). Doing this will give you not only a cute pattern to follow but crisp lines so the doily stays in tact and doesn’t fall apart.DIY Valentines decoration

I used the pattern from the center of this doily.DIY Doily Vase

Then I hot glued the doily pieces around the vases. I chose the bottom; but you can place them anywhere you want on the vase. I definitely debated the center, and tying the jute rope around the center on top of the doilies too!cute DIY valentines doily vase

Once done your vases should look similar to the picture below.DIY doily vase

Next step is to add the jute twine around the necks of the vases. I wrapped the twine around three times and made a bow.cute DIY Decorative Vase

Now, I think these vases look super cute just like this too! And they can be used for spring décor as well without using the candy hearts. To make it a little more festive though, I added the bags of candies into the vases.cute DIY candy heart vase

Super cute DIY. Super simple!

xO, Kayla

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“Love You” Mason Jar & Flower Caddy

This DIY decoration was not only inexpensive, but easy to make, AND it can be used for Valentine’s Day, Spring, and Summer Décor.

Below is a picture of the items I usedmason jar DIY

The wooden caddy I found a while back in the Fall clearance at Hobby Lobby. Also in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby I found the metal “Love You” plaque for 37 cents! The mason jars I found on sale somewhere, but you can get them really anywhere. Hobby Lobby and Michaels have them, and you can always use a 40% coupon. The jute twine, flower bundle, and the sanding sponge are from Dollar Tree. The chalk paint and chip brush you can also buy from Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and at either store you can use their 40% coupon!

I started off by first removing the lids of the mason jars and then painting the jars with the chip brush. The brand I used was Deco Art and the color is called Everlasting. Just lightly dip the brush into the paint jar, a little goes a VERY long way. I went quickly brushing back and forth, as I wanted a haphazard and distressed look to the jars.

Once the paint was dry, I VERY LIGHTLY rubbed the sanding sponge around the wording on the jar, around the rim, and in random spots around the jar. Start off slow, because it’s always easier to distress more than it is to go back and repaint over areas.mason jar painting

You can either put the silver band of the cap back on the mason jar or leave it off. Then wrap the jute twine around the top and tie a bow.jute twine on mason jar

As you can see in the picture below, I just placed the bundle of flowers inside the mason jar and this makes for a great decoration all on its own!DIY Mason Jar Vase

But, I painted two jars and placed them in the wooden caddy I purchased. I took the little metal “Love You” plaque and put it on the center of the wooden caddy. Then placed the bundle of flowers along the side. And Wala!mason jar caddy

Beautiful & Simple Décor – great for Valentine’s Day, Spring, and Summer!

xO, Kayla

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Blooming Flower Mug

This simple DIY Blooming Flower Mug is SO easy, SO versatile, and SO affordable. Everything cost me a grand total of $4! Everything was purchased at Dollar Tree. Gosh, I love that store!

Here is a picture of everything I purchased for this DIY.simple DIY

White mug, spanish moss, dry floral foam, and a bundle of fake flowers.

cutting dry floral foam

First you will want to cut the dry floral foam to size.

Then firmly push and press the foam into the mug. After that is in, you will want to do the same with the spanish moss. Make sure to fill in any empty gaps and spaces.DIY flower mug

Then using scissors or wire cutters, cut all the stems off of the bunch. Make sure to leave some stem so you can push it into the floral foam.DIY Flower

Start around the rim of the mug and push the flower stems in. It’s always best to start around the edge. This is because it makes it easier to space the flowers evenly so your arrangement looks full and not gappy at the end.blooming flower mug

And that’s all folks! A simple, beautiful, and inexpensive décor piece you can literally use all year ‘round.

xO, Kayla

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Inspiration for Winter Decoration

Every year after New Year’s a big question everyone has is, how to decorate between now and Valentine’s Day? In the past I have usually just taken all red, Santa, or Christmas quoted décor down and left all my neutral silver Christmas décor up. However, the past two years, my family room (where I spend most of my time when I’m home) has been all silver, all Christmas long. So this year, I decided to change up my winter décor a bit, and share my winter decoration ideas with you! Continue reading “Inspiration for Winter Decoration”

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Creative Ways to Give a Gift Card You Must Try this Holiday Season

Every year there always seems to be one or two people on my list that I need to buy for, but I just cannot figure out what to get them! I rack my brain for literally days trying to figure out an idea. …And you know what? Continue reading “Creative Ways to Give a Gift Card You Must Try this Holiday Season”

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