Creative Ways to Give a Gift Card You Must Try this Holiday Season

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Every year there always seems to be one or two people on my list that I need to buy for, but I just cannot figure out what to get them! I rack my brain for literally days trying to figure out an idea. …And you know what? Every year, those gifts are probably the ones that are returned and exchanged. Why? Because it was something I thought they may like, and they probably didn’t.

What’s the point in going through all that grief? Not only for you, but the recipient of that gift too. Now, they end up being the people in those miserably long return lines after the holidays.

Ugh! Makes me cringe just thinking about it.

Anyway, you’ve spent so much time and energy trying to think about what to get this person and they end up spending a ton on time in a return isle. Who wins? NO ONE! In the end, you still really don’t know what they want, and end up gifting them something you think they’ll like. They end up returning or exchanging it for something they actually like.

Cut out the guessing game and make it easier on yourself! Gift cards are something EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE will enjoy.

The classic saying when you don’t know what to get someone is, “cash is king.” However, I tend to slightly disagree when it comes to gift giving.

I feel gift cards top the king on this one.

Don’t get me wrong; I will take cash any day. But, a lot of times when cash is given, that cash is going to go towards something like rent, mortgage, water bill, gas bill, groceries, – you get the idea, adult things. While, a helpful boost in payment towards these things is no doubt wonderful, it still isn’t something specifically for that person that they can enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but when I give someone a gift, I want that gift to be enjoyed by that person; something they find happiness in. Having a gift card to go to the movies, dine at your favorite restaurant, shop at your favorite store, or get a drink at your favorite coffee house, allows you to feel that excitement; AND bonus, you don’t have to feel guilty about not using it towards rent or bills, because guess what, you cant!

A gift card is all for you, to treat yourself.

Okay, okay, I’ll get off my soapbox on why I feel gift cards are best; and fill you in on my creative ideas on how to gift one.  I know the next thing some of you are going to say is, “But a gift card can be so boring!” “Just handing them a card?” “What about something they can open?” Who knows, maybe you don’t think this way – and that’s okay – it’s honestly probably just me (and my mom – I totally get this from her).

I’m just a classic OVERTHINKER. To. The. Tee. About Everything.

Anyway, whether you think like me or not on this one, you can’t deny the fact that giving someone a gift card in a totally creative way isn’t cool? Can you? No – you can’t.

Creative Ways to Give A Gift Card 

1. Gift Box: Place the gift card in a cute gift box designed specifically for gift cards. It’s simple, perfect, and cute to place under the tree.
2. Ornament: Instead of placing your gift under the tree this cute idea allows you to hang it on the tree, because it’s an ornament. Place the gift card in a cute little stocking ornament. Your recipient not only gets a nice gift card, but a cute ornament to keep for years to come to place on their own Christmas tree. 

3. Wine or Champagne: Buy a nice bottle of wine or champagne and make a cute tag to wrap around the neck of the bottle that holds in gift card inside. You can choose to make the tag as simple or elaborate as you’d card wine bottle tag
4. Puzzle: This is a fun one – definitely great for kids or the young at heart. Place the gift card inside a puzzle that they need to solve in order to get their gift card out.

5. Business Card Holder: This is a great option for that businessman or woman you know. Place the gift card in a nice sleek business card holder, wrap it up, and put in under the tree.

6. Wallet or Change Purse: Something everyone can always use is a wallet or a change purse. Place the gift card inside to jumpstart up their new gift!

7. Picture Frame: A picture frame is always a great gift for someone to place in his or her home or office – and works just as well to place a gift card in! For the picture frame idea you can also choose from a variety of choices – regular frame, clip stand, or clipboard frame.

8. Jar full of Chocolate/Candy: Buy a cute jar to place the gift card inside and add some chocolates or candies. You can choose to hide the gift card in the center of the jar or place it on the side so it’s completely visible to the recipient. Tie a nice ribbon around the neck of the jar; maybe add a cute tag, and voilà! Now that was simple, yet crafty!jar of candy with gift card9. Santa’s Sleigh: Using the cute little gift box from the first idea, a couple candy canes, a cute Santa candy, a pair of red socks (one as Santa’s bag, and the other to stuff the bag), and ribbon, you have all you need! I used a hot glue gun to keep all the pieces together, but you can probably use glue dots as well.santas sleigh gift card idea10. Photo Board: This idea gives you a nice big present to wrap and place under the tree. A neat photo board is always a great gift where you can place the gift card on it! You can even jazz it up a bit more by adding a nice handwritten note, picture of you and the recipient, or a print out with a nice quote on it.
11. Gift Card Christmas Tree: This idea is a grand presentation, and one of my personal favorites for Christmas! Purchase a mini Christmas tree, tiny garland, small bucket, some floral foam, a white snow blanket, or stuffing, ribbon, and small clips. I got all of my items at the Dollar Tree. This idea does require a little more effort because not only do you have to put everything together, but, you will need to go to several stores to purchase smaller amount gift cards too – unless you want to be SUPER generous! I suggest using $5 amount gift cards so you can place a variety of gift cards around the tree.Creative way to give a giftcard12. Bookmark: I found this cute bookmark that is actually a gift card itself, to This is a perfect gift for the reader in your life!
13. Mittens or Fuzzy Socks: Keep your recipient warm and cozy by purchasing mittens or cute fuzzy socks and place the gift card inside! I personally can never have enough fuzzy socks in the winter!
14. Lump of Coal Christmas Sacks: I found these on Amazon and I just think they are adorable! A cute little sack to place your gift card inside AND it comes with two little pieces of coal per pouch!
15. Water Bottle: Perfect for the adventurist or gym rat in your life! Make sure when you purchase the water bottle the mouth opening is wide enough to fit a gift card inside!

I hope at least one of these “Creative Ways to Give a Gift Card” came in handy for you, or maybe even struck one of your creative nerves to make something different. Either way, remember – don’t stress yourself out – “Gift Cards are King” – you can’t go wrong!

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xO, Kayla

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