Cute DIY Candy Heart Doily Vases

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These cute DIY candy heart doily vases only cost $6. Perfect, inexpensive, DIY Valentine’s Day Decor. Everything was purchased from Dollar Tree. Two bags of heart shaped candies, two different sized vases, a pack of 2 doilies, and jute twine.cute DIY valentines decor

First start by cutting up the doily. I made sure to cut on areas where the pattern was distinct (refer to the picture below). Doing this will give you not only a cute pattern to follow but crisp lines so the doily stays in tact and doesn’t fall apart.DIY Valentines decoration

I used the pattern from the center of this doily.DIY Doily Vase

Then I hot glued the doily pieces around the vases. I chose the bottom; but you can place them anywhere you want on the vase. I definitely debated the center, and tying the jute rope around the center on top of the doilies too!cute DIY valentines doily vase

Once done your vases should look similar to the picture below.DIY doily vase

Next step is to add the jute twine around the necks of the vases. I wrapped the twine around three times and made a bow.cute DIY Decorative Vase

Now, I think these vases look super cute just like this too! And they can be used for spring décor as well without using the candy hearts. To make it a little more festive though, I added the bags of candies into the vases.cute DIY candy heart vase

Super cute DIY. Super simple!

xO, Kayla

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