Small Adorable DIY Heart Topiaries

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These small adorable DIY heart topiaries were inexpensive and very easy to make.

Here is a picture of the items you will need.items for valentines diy

I got the dry floral foam, pots, jute twine, and spanish moss all at the Dollar Tree.

The chip brush, chalk paint, and foam hearts are from Michaels.

The wooden skewers I just had in the house because I use them for cooking kabobs. But you can find them at any local grocery story for pretty cheap!

The first step is to paint the pots white. Just lightly dip the brush into the paint jar and slop on the paint. I went very fast and didn’t care too much about being perfect with it because I wanted them to look more rugged and distressed. A little goes a VERY long way with chalk paint! So don’t start off with too much, remember, you can always add more.DIY chalk paint

Next, you will want to cut the dry floral foam into two smaller pieces to fit into the pots. You can cut the foam using any knife; I used a plastic one, and it worked just fine!cutting dry floral foam

You won’t just be placing these foam pieces into the pots. Pressing, pushing, and smushing the foam into the pots is what you will need to do, in order to get it in. So don’t shy!dry floral foam in pots

Once the foam is in you can add the spanish moss on top. Again, don’t be shy, smush the moss right in there! Be sure to fill in the gaps too.spanish moss in pots

If you want the wooden skewers to be white like the pot (like I did). Put a tiny bit of chalk paint on your fingers and rub and twirl the skewers around until they are lightly covered with the white chalk paint.

Lay out on the counter the pattern of the hearts that you want. For the pink hearts I used three that were all the same size. But for the red hearts, I used three different sizes. I laid them out starting from smallest to biggest. This just helps get an idea of how you want your topiary to look once it’s completed.

Next, you will need to slowly push the pointed part of your wooden skewer into the foam heart you want closest to the bottom. Be sure to go slow, and push the skewer in as straight as possible so it stays in the center of the heart.foam hearts on skewers

Once you have pushed the skewer threw all the foam hearts you can move them around on the skewer so they are spaced to your liking. Then push the bottom part of the skewer into the center of the pot into the floral heart topiary red heart topiary







Once you’ve completed that, you can add the jute twine around the pot. I circled around the pot 4 times and then tied a bow in the front.adorable DIY heart topiaries

TaDa! There you have it! Small, adorable, DIY heart topiaries, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

xO, Kayla

Items from Michaels:

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