Hey there! I’m so excited and honored that you have not only found my page and are searching through it, but that you are interested in learning more about me!

Well, I’m Kayla. I’m a wife, a fur-baby mom, and pregnant with my first baby who is due in February of 2018.

I’m recently unemployed, since the little kiddo I was babysitting started Kindergarten in September. I’ve always said that once I have kids I wanted to be a stay at home mom; and well, since I’m expecting, my husband and I decided it just didn’t make much sense to look for another job for only 5 months, and then quit. Since then, I’ve been researching ways that stay at home moms can be home with their kids AND make an income. I dabbled in a few things, but everything kept pointing to starting a blog. So I decided to take the plunge and start on my blogging journey! Which, if I’m going to be honest, has been grueling!! I’m NOT tech savvy AT ALL, so something that may take the average person a half hour, takes me 5 hours; and that’s absolutely no joke. But…I am determined to do this!

I have a love and interest in many, many different things and I plan to share them all with you in my blog, all while basically writing about my everyday life.

  • Decorating
  • Scrapbooking
  • DIYing
  • Kid’s Crafting & Learning Ideas (I have an Associates Degree in Elementary Education)
  • Cooking & Drink Mixin’
  • Interior Design
  • Party Planning
  • Traveling
  • Gift Ideas
  • Yoga (I am a certified instructor with Yoga Alliance, 200RYT)
  • Working Out (My Bachelor’s Degree is in Exercise Science)
  • Cleaning
  • Inspirational Quotes

The list goes on and on I feel. So, want to join me in this crazy journey?

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A Little More History

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for crafting, decorating, and teaching. Although, other than babysitting, none of my jobs have ever reflected this. Maybe that’s why I feel I’ve been in a constant, life long search to have a career doing something I love. Hopefully blogging will be just that!

At age 15, I started working as a hostess at P.F. Chang’s and worked there through high school and college. After graduating college, I worked part-time as a yoga instructor and full- time as an office manager at a chiropractors office.

I married my best friend, Andre, in September of 2013. Although we’ve only been married 4 years, we’ve been together for 11. I met him my junior year of high school, we worked together at my first job. Gosh, how things have changed since then. We’ve been through SO much together and I honestly don’t know how I’d do life without him. Everything he is and does, is what puts the “happy” in my day.

After getting married we lived with his mom for almost two years. In that time we saved money AND flipped a house! **I’ll be sharing some of that here and there with you in my blog posts. It was honestly an awesome experience, and I cannot wait to do it again. (Just waiting for the time to be right in all aspects of life)

After selling our flip house, we bought our first home together. We definitely didn’t buy a fixer upper, like many of our friends and family thought we would (considering our background). Even still, we have changed MANY things in our home, and it’s still a work in progress, but I absolutely love my home. I’m always searching for new ways to make our home more beautiful and more “home-y.”

Shortly after buying our home together, we bought a little puppy. He’s a Morkie – a mix of a Maltese and Yorkie.  We named him Jack Daniels. (Can you guess, Andre and I love Jack Daniels whiskey? Haha) He is seriously my little baby, and he acts like it too! (Juuuuust a little nervous for what will happen when I bring our human baby home, in February. haha) **I’ll probably be sharing those experiences with you as well in my blog.

Near the end of that same year I quit my job at the chiropractor’s office and became a babysitter for a 4-year-old little boy. Up until just recently that’s what I’ve been doing. But, onto the next chapter of life; Baby & Blogging??