DIY Rustic Barnwood Book Ends

When designing my baby’s nursery I really had it in my head that I wanted letter bookends. I searched for some, but all the ones I could find only had letters “A” and “Z.” I wanted “A” and “B” for my son’s initials. No such luck, and if and when I did find them, they were always a little too pricey for me. So I decided to make my own! I wanted to make them a distressed barnwood look, like the rest of his furniture. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how I made my very own DIY rustic barnwood book ends. Continue reading “DIY Rustic Barnwood Book Ends”

Basic Style Baby Boy Nursery

I had so much fun designing our basic style baby boy nursery from scratch, and I’m so excited to be able to share with you! I know first hand, just how overwhelming deciding how to decorate your baby nursery can sometimes be. When you’re expecting, you have a million other things you are focusing on, so sometimes decorating a nursery goes on the back burner; even though you may wish you had more time to make it absolutely perfect. So if you like what you see, look no further. In this post you will read about the entire process of designing this basic style baby boy nursery. From deciding a theme, to paint colors, a link to my step-by-step tutorial for the accent wall, and links to all our furniture and décor, nothing will be left out! Continue reading “Basic Style Baby Boy Nursery”

Board & Batten Accent Wall Tutorial

When deciding I wanted an accent wall in my baby’s room I searched for quite some time on exactly what kind of accent wall I wanted. I’ve always been a huge fan of board and batten, but I always associated it with a more sophisticated room theme. The more and more I looked at different board and battens my perception started to switch from sophisticated, to perfect for a baby room! The wood squares started to give me a feel of a wooden building block set. Which, what could be more perfect for a baby boy room than the feel of wooden building blocks?! It was perfect. Learn how we made our board and batten accent wall in this step-by-step tutorial. Continue reading “Board & Batten Accent Wall Tutorial”

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award! I am so beyond humbled and excited! Not only was I nominated, but I was nominated twice, by two incredible bloggers! I’m so unbelievably gracious for this recognition from fellow bloggers, and so happy to be a part of this wonderful blogging community! It truly means so much, and gives me motivation to keep pushing along in this journey where I’m literally learning as I go! Continue reading “Liebster Award”

Cute & Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Decor

Decorating your house for smaller holidays, like Valentine’s Day, doesn’t need to be expensive! You can find a lot of cute and inexpensive Valentine’s Day décor and do a lot with it! You can even use certain pieces interchangeably with different seasons or holidays. In this post you will get ideas for inexpensive decor and see how you can use some of the decor for spring and summer decoration as well! Continue reading “Cute & Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Decor”

Inspiration for Winter Decoration

Every year after New Year’s a big question everyone has is, how to decorate between now and Valentine’s Day? In the past I have usually just taken all red, Santa, or Christmas quoted décor down and left all my neutral silver Christmas décor up. However, the past two years, my family room (where I spend most of my time when I’m home) has been all silver, all Christmas long. So this year, I decided to change up my winter décor a bit, and share my winter decoration ideas with you! Continue reading “Inspiration for Winter Decoration”

Creative Ways to Give a Gift Card You Must Try this Holiday Season

Every year there always seems to be one or two people on my list that I need to buy for, but I just cannot figure out what to get them! I rack my brain for literally days trying to figure out an idea. …And you know what? Continue reading “Creative Ways to Give a Gift Card You Must Try this Holiday Season”

Stunning Christmas Tablescape on a Budget

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full swing right now. It’s the week before Christmas, and people are frantically trying to get any last minute things taken care of. Shopping for gifts, wrapping presents, cleaning, and decorating if guests will be celebrating the holiday at their home, are just a few of the main things on someone’s checklist during Christmastime. It can be super hectic, and very EXPENSIVE, especially if you’re the lucky one hosting Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Continue reading “Stunning Christmas Tablescape on a Budget”